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Are you a tradesperson?

Could you or your business handle more work?

Then we would love you to visit one of our meetings.

Our members are a variety business professionals, many of whom are tradespeople. They all help each other grow their businesses through their commitment to our principal core value, Givers Gain.

Each week, in thousands of communities across the globe, members meet with other trusted business leaders to build and nurture lasting relationships and pass qualified business referrals. Membership in BNI® offers access to business training, peer learning and opportunities to network and do business with hundreds of thousands of BNI® members around the world.

Last year, BNI members in this Manchester South generated over £13.95 million worth of business for each other.

How much money has been made?

Last year the members of BNI UK reported income in excess of £521 million in new business!

Globally, the 255,000 members of BNI passed over 12.2 million referrals which resulted in more than $16.7 billion in business.

Your Business

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Your Business Grows

Do you have enough customers? Here’s a better question: Do you have enough of the right kind of customers?

Do you agonise and strategise over the marketing plan you’ve designed to position offerings in front of your profile prospect? What’s the right message, platform, frequency, etc.? And do you then pray that the precious cash you’ve commit to marketing crosses over that pivotal line from expense to investment?

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The World's Largest Referral Networking Organisation

Be a part of a local network with global reach. BNI is the largest and most successful referral networking organisation with Members and Chapters in 70 countries.

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Build more relationships

Are you a builder in need of an electrician? Perhaps you’re a roofer in need of a carpenter? BNI offers you the chance to grow your network of contacts within the construction industry. Meet fellow tradespeople and share work amongst yourselves. Even get referrals and be awarded contracts from other industries such as the hospitality sector, private sector and even the public sector, the possibilities are endless.

Creating a relationship with both new and potential customers allows businesses to offer a more personalised and enticing customer experience.

And it is exactly the quality of the experience you offer that will determine whether of not you’ll establish long-term business success

n a recent study, 86% of customers claim their experiences are just as important as the actual product or service they purchase.

This means businesses are not only required to provide products or services their customers need, but they also must also deliver a great end-to-end experience across every touchpoint.

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Don’t just sharpen your tools, sharpen your skills

Professional training is a significant factor for businesses. Helpful proactive thinking from people, and not just responsive, can encourage employees and business owners to work with fluency and creativity. With proper training, both employees and business owners are helped to grow professionally. Their professional growth often makes them happier and more productive, leading fewer employees wanting to leave the organisation.

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Getting Started is Easy

Find a local Chapter meeting to experience our proven referral marketing system firsthand. Visiting a meeting is free.

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